Dizzee’s on stage smoke



Dizzee Rascal was stunned to be offered drugs on stage.

The ‘Dance Wiv Me’ rapper was left bemused when a fan invaded his live performance to hand him a marijuana-filled cigarette, known as a spliff, at a recent festival.

He said: “I get some crazy fans at the festivals. I was on stage recently and a guy ran on just to give me a spliff! He didn’t say anything – he was just a hit-and-run spliff guy. It was great!”

Dizzee – real name Dylan Mills – also revealed he loves playing open air shows as they bring out the best in him and he always manages to win over new fans.

He added to Britain’s Zoo magazine: “My music works well with the open air and party vibe – people can jump around and dance. Playing in front of crowds gives me a kick up the a**e as well. Some people may not be Dizzee fans to start with, but they always leave converted!

“I’m not into the mud, though. I’m more about the trailers than the camping.”


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