Soulja Boy Returns Your Phone Call



Love him or hate him Soulja Boy ain’t going nowhere but to the top.

The young rapper has created a whirlpool of interest since his debut in late 2007 with his smash hit Crank That which spawned a mini industry of remixes, imitators and admirers on YouTube. Since then he’s gone onto shine and impress the music industry whilst irritating and garnering the attention of haters (like Katt Williams said “we need haters”).

Now Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is back with his new single Kiss Me Thru The Phone, only question is will it have the same impact as Crank That  and Yahhh!? Well check out the video sright here so you can see for yourself:


3 Responses to “Soulja Boy Returns Your Phone Call”

  1. Devontae Elliott Says:

    wuts up soulja boy hti me up man i wanna become famous some how we can do this shit big ass hell so hit me up on my email peace out

  2. soulja boy is sooooooooo gorgeous!!♥

  3. OMG!Soulja Boy u r so sexi!N IT look lyk ur dic is big,n I wanna suc it.While I am sucin it I’m gonna deep throat it 2.N I’m gonna ride it.

    Luv U Babii,

    Ur Cutty Buddy!

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