Jay-Z and Kanye Beef?


Now don’t ask me where I got this from, lets just say I heard it from a little birdie. Apparently the reason it has been taking so long for Blueprint 3 to come out is because Mr. Carter and Mr. West are at odds.

Here’s how the story goes, according to a source who will not be named in here, Blueprint 3 was pretty much finished when Kanye suggested to Hov that the album should be in all autotone- – he obviously declined this idea as many fans would hope that he would.

But when he went to the studio to listen to the finished product, he discovered that the tracks he did with Kanye had his voice in Auto Tone.

Clearly Hov was upset, and when he confronted Kanye about this Kanye refused to take the AutoTune off, saying that since it was his beats and his artistic feelings there was no way he would take it off, and that if Hov wanted those tracks he would have take them as Kanye made them.

Hov defiantly declined took those tracks off of his album, got with Just Blaze and is now working on Kingdom Come II.

According to my source Kanye and Hov have not spoken since then, and instead of a Blueprint 3 fans can expect a part 2 to Kingdom Come.

Only time will tell if this is truth or just plain fable.


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