Cam’ron Adjusts “Oh Boy” Lyrics To Dipset Fallout


Cam’ron dissed onetime protege and fellow Diplomats member Juelz Santana on stage earlier this week. While performing “Oh Boy,” Cam performed a portion of the songs original lyrics, “Listen to my homeboy Santana,” as “Me, myself, no Santana,” and then paused as the crowd’s cheer became louder.

Cam’ron told XXL magazine that he stopped speaking with Juelz Santana because he had an addiction to sizzurp, a mixture of cough medicine and juice. Juelz later told MTV, “I was never addicted to syrup. I was sippin’ it on occasion when I felt like sippin’ it. I don’t know where that came from.

It has almost been a year since the public found out about Cam’ron and Juelz’  split, when Cam’ron reportedly sold JuelzDiplomats Records contract to parent comapny Def Jam Records for $2 million.


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