Should 50 Cent Drop His Album The Same Day As Blueprint 3?


Jay-Z has started his album promo early in the game. He started a big discussion in Hip Hop with D.O.A. and got The Game dissing him over his Blueprint 3 intro. With the anticipation building for the next Jay-Z album, would if be a good idea for 50 Cent to drop the same day and enjoy some free promo from the played up duel? Can we agree going against Kanye West boosted his sales?

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One Response to “Should 50 Cent Drop His Album The Same Day As Blueprint 3?”

  1. i think yall should just dropp your albums on the same day it dosent matter yall should try listening to eachother new hits instead of just yours i love both of yall music i really do yall both are the best!!!!!!!!!!!(; and no kayne is doin all that he can trust me he is not the worser person in the world evan though he has mistakes forgive him if apoligize for his mistakes than forgive him and kanye you shouldnt let the bad stuff get to you things will get better trust me i loveeeeeeeee your music you inspireee mee! keep it upp (: dont give upp!

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