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Jay-Z Set To Release 3 New Books

Posted in Jay z on July 13, 2009 by mrinfouk01


Jay-Z is reportedly close to signing his first official book deal through Random House publishing which should consist of three releases. The first book in the deal is reported to consist of Jay-Z commenting on and telling stories behind his lyrics while the other two will a traditional memoir and the third will be some kind of business book.

    In related news, Jay-Z was set to release “The Black Book” after his “Black Album” back in 2003 but the book never hit stores. He reportedly signed a deal with MTV Books to publish his autobiography, to be co-written by hip-hop journalist Dream Hampton, but once the book was finished, Jigga reportedly didn’t want to release it and it was shelved.

Jay-Z May Release A Book Explaining His Lyrics

Posted in Jay z on July 10, 2009 by mrinfouk01

Hollywood Boulevard

Jay-Z is close to finalizing a book deal with the Spiegel & Grau imprint of Random House. The literary agent repping the rapper, Matthew Guma, had no comment, but sources say the book will consist of Jay-Z commenting on and telling the stories behind his lyrics.

Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2009 (Top 20 Hip Hop Earners)

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Jay-Z – 35 Million
Diddy – 30 Million
Kanye West – 25 Million
50 Cent – 20 Million
Akon – 20 Million
Lil Wayne – 18 Million
Timbaland – 17 Million
Pharrell – 16 Million
T-Pain – 15 Million
Eminem – 14 Million
Dr.Dre – 13 Million
Snoop Dogg – 11 Million
Ludacris – 10 Million
Common – 8 Million
Will.I.Am – 8 Million
T.I. – 8 Million
Swizz Beatz – 8 Million
Andre 3000 – 7 Million
Big Boi- 7 Million
Flo-Rida – 6 Million
Rick Ross – 6 Million
The Game – 6 Million
Young Jeezy- 6 Million

Jay-Z Slammed With Lawsuit Over Unpaid Legal Fees

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New York rapper Jay-Z has been slammed with yet another lawsuit over his New York City Sports Bar, the 40/40 Club.

The hip hop mogul is now being sued by his own lawyer, who claims Jay has failed to pay his due fees.

Michael DiMattia, who has been working for Jay since July 2008, is now looking to quit as his attorney after filing a federal lawsuit against the rap mogul over the unpaid invoice, of which the value is unknown.

DiMattia has been representing Jay in an on-going lawsuit filed by employees of his 40/40 Club, who claim they are being paid less than minimum wage and have not been rewarded for overtime.

In a letter written to Federal Court Judge Loretta Preska, DiMattia says, “We are seeking to withdraw because… our requests for payment have been ignored.”

“It’s astounding. For rap’s biggest mogul, you’d think this amount of money would be chump change,” said Rex Burch, who is working on behalf of the 40/40 Club employees.

Jay-Z and Kanye Beef?

Posted in Jay z on June 19, 2009 by mrinfouk01


Now don’t ask me where I got this from, lets just say I heard it from a little birdie. Apparently the reason it has been taking so long for Blueprint 3 to come out is because Mr. Carter and Mr. West are at odds.

Here’s how the story goes, according to a source who will not be named in here, Blueprint 3 was pretty much finished when Kanye suggested to Hov that the album should be in all autotone- – he obviously declined this idea as many fans would hope that he would.

But when he went to the studio to listen to the finished product, he discovered that the tracks he did with Kanye had his voice in Auto Tone.

Clearly Hov was upset, and when he confronted Kanye about this Kanye refused to take the AutoTune off, saying that since it was his beats and his artistic feelings there was no way he would take it off, and that if Hov wanted those tracks he would have take them as Kanye made them.

Hov defiantly declined took those tracks off of his album, got with Just Blaze and is now working on Kingdom Come II.

According to my source Kanye and Hov have not spoken since then, and instead of a Blueprint 3 fans can expect a part 2 to Kingdom Come.

Only time will tell if this is truth or just plain fable.

Jay-Z Has Become An Independent Artist

Posted in Jay z on May 21, 2009 by mrinfouk01


Doug and I spoke directly and had one of the most unique “negotiations” ever. Doug won the toss but, we both won in the end. I thank him for allowing me to be a completely independent artist. Not every artist can say they own or are given the opportunity to own all of their music.”