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Papoose Cause Of Violence In NY Prison?

Posted in Papoose on July 13, 2009 by mrinfouk01


New York City jail officials are investigating a Rap concert by Papoose, which may have been the catalyst for several instanaces of gang violence.

According to the New York Post, jail warden (and fan of Papoose) Emmanuel Bailey allowed the Brooklyn emcee to do a nearly two-hour show at Rikers Island on May 30, 2006.

New details have emerged from the previous report. In the months following the show, there were eight slashings and stabbings at the prison. It is believed that Miguel “Dough Boy” Jeffrey, a rival of Papoose‘s, ordered attacks on the rappers’ imprisoned friends.

Dough Boy used to work with the rapper until the two had a falling out over musical issues. In retaliation, he shot at the rapper’s entourage and allegedly stole a $40,000 gold chain from one of Pap‘s relatives.

An ex-Blood, Dough Boy became incensed after Papoose shouted him out at the end of the concert, leading Dough Boy, who is serving 12 years for armed robbery and assault, then ordered the attacks.

Bailey has been reprimanded for not getting the proper approval to host the show, thought it is unclear how.

A procedural step may have been missed,” said department spokesman Stephen Morello said. “That doesn’t mean the handling of this event involved venality, corruption or a lack of competence.