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Tony Yayo Talks Young Buck Leaving G-Unit

Posted in Tony Yayo on June 18, 2009 by mrinfouk01


Long time G-Unit member and 50 Cent’s right hand man, Tony Yayo, recently talked about what lead to Young Buck getting kicked out of G-Unit and how he thinks Buck cut ties with the group. [watch here] “When you look at the whole situation with Buck, n*gga gave him a quarter of a million dollars,” Yayo said of 50 Cent loaning Young Buck money. [watch here] “How you f*ck that up? It’s just that when you got young n*ggas that’s seeing millions and millions of dollars and n*ggas don’t know nothin’ about taxes, I’ma be honest, I ain’t know about that sh*t neither.” [watch here]

Yayo went on to talk about Young Buck’s spending habits saying “That n*gga was giving away millions man. I sh*t you not. He was giving money away. I seen him give Buck $250,000 in my eyes. Buck said ‘Man, they gonna put the chain on the door